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14 Best Moments of 2014!

Right before the new year rolls around, I like to take a look back at the year that has passed. Did I achieve what I wanted to achieve? What were my favorite highs? Any teachable lows? And with that, I try to determine what are some of my hopes, dreams and goals for the upcoming year.

At first when I started to think about 2014, I figured that it wasn’t that big of a year. Everything was just same old, same old. That was until I started to really think through it. I take it back. This was a pretty eventful year! Here are my top 14 moments from 2014. Hope you like it!

1. I had so much fun with my favorite sidekick!14 best of 2014: favorite sidekick2. I ran the color run again and realized how far I have come with my running! 14 best of 2014: Color Run 20143. I Graduated with my Masters of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications!14 best of 2014: I GraduatedStarting this masters program is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has given me so much! An American Graduation Ceremony is very different from what I am used to, but I liked it. Walking across that stage made me think back on the two years I have spent earning my degree and how much it has changed my perspective.

4. My Mom Came to Visit!14 best of 2014: Drive through tree LeggetIn April my mom and Magnar came to visit me for a couple of weeks. We travelled all around Northern California and I had a great time! They have visited me before and we have previously taken the Highway 1 tour down to Southern California so this time around, we wanted to focus north. We went to see the giant Sequoia trees up in Legget and even drove through one!

5. I Got a New Job! 14 best of 2014: new job#Ilovemyjob

6. I went to Norway for 17th of May! 14 best of 2014: 17th of may in Norway17th of May in Norway is like 4th of July in the US. People celebrate with parades, music, food, parties and not to mention the national costumes. This might be totally bonkers to you, but its actually pretty fun!

7. Work Travels!14 best of 2014: MinneapolisI know most people don’t like to travel for work, but I do! Even if I only get an hour to see the city, it’s more than I would otherwise! :)

8. BlogHer 14!14 best of 2014: Blogher 14In July I went to my first blog conference, BlogHer 14. It was a lot of fun and I met some incredible people! It actually inspired me to pick up blogging again and I am so glad I did!

9. I Ran My First Half Marathon!14 best of 2014: San Francisco Half MarathonThe day after I came back from BlogHer, I ran my first half marathon! This was a pretty big deal for me, and I wrote a blogpost about the race here

10. Featured on Huffington Post!14 best of 2014: Featured on Huffington PostAfter reflecting on my half marathon race and writing this blog post, I was super excited to see it featured on Huffington Post!

11. New York!14 best of 2014: Weekend in New YorkIn September I went to New York to meet up with some friends and I had the best time! And I finally got to go to Mood! Read all about it here

12. Chocolate Creme Brûlée14 best of 2014: chocolate creme bruleeThis might seem funny, that a dessert made it to my top 2014 list, but this one was probably the best I have ever tasted!

13. Best Blog Posts of 2014!Norwegian Recipes: Warm Apple Cake!It’s pretty interesting that its one fitness and one dessert post, but the posts I wrote about my half marathon and this one featuring a Norwegian Apple Cake recipe was the most read blogposts on Repolished in 2014

14. Montreal14 best of 2014Ø MontrealMontreal was one of the best trips I have been on! The city is amazing with so much history, great food and felt so peaceful! It was a perfect romantic christmas getaway!

How was your 2014?

Until Next Time, Hadet på Badet!


Norwegian Recipes: Lussekatter!

I am back with another Norwegian recipe! Yesterday was St. Lucia day so I decided to make some Lussekatter, also known as Saffron buns or St. Lucia buns. Wait let’s rephrase that. I tried to make Lussekatter. To be honest I never really knew the story of St. Lucia day, but after some googling I found some information that seems accurate and according to my memories.

” Saint Lucia Day is on 13 December, in Advent. Her feast once coincided with the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year before calendar reforms, so her feast day has become a festival of light. In Scandinavia, where Lucy is called Lucia, she is represented by a person dressed in a white dress and red sash with a crown or wreath of candles on her head. In both Norway and Sweden, girls (or sometimes boys) dressed as Lucy carry rolls and cookies in procession as songs are sung. It is said that to vividly celebrate St. Lucy’s Day will help one live the long winter days with enough light.”  –Wikipedia” 

I am adding in a picture so you can see that its kind of cute, but cartoon style because I don’t want to be a creeper and add a picture of someone else’s child on my blog.  If you do a google search for St.Lucia day, you can see real life images :)

st.lucia day : lussekatter

st.lucia day: lussekatterTo me, St. Lucia brings back memories of my kindergarden days where we would dress up in white, wear the headband, bake Lussekatter/Saffron buns and parade through the kindergarden singing songs. Writing this out, I agree it sounds weird and maybe even a little bonkers, but it was fun and the buns are amazing!

On to the recipe. I found it on “Matglede“, which is a free Norwegian recipe app made by Tine, one of the larger dairy brands in Norway (I checked and its available in the us iTunes as well). Its usually really good and they have some great recipes in there. The only problem this time around was that the instructions were a little off. One little detail was not right and because its been a year since I made saffron buns last, I followed the recipe and it got messed up! So here is what I did and what you should do instead!

Start by pulling out all your tools and ingredients! You’ll need:

1 1/3 stick/150 grams of butter

2 1/4 cup/5 dl Milk

2 small packets (of the 3 pack) /50 gram yeast

1 g saffron

2/3 cup/150 grams of sugar

0.5 tsp salt

4 1/2-5 cups/13 dl flour

1 egg, plus one for brushing


St. Lucia Day: Lussekatter!

1. Stir together all the dry ingredients, except the saffron. Here is where I got tricked partly by the recipe and party by the fact that I was multitasking while baking. Not always a good idea. 

St. Lucia Day: Lussekatter!

St. Lucia Day: Lussekatter!

St. Lucia Day: Lussekatter!

St. Lucia Day: Lussekatter!

St. Lucia Day: Lussekatter!

2. Melt butter, add milk, saffron and bring it to about 99 degrees fahrenheit (37 celcius)

St. Lucia Day: Lussekatter!

St. Lucia Day: Lussekatter!

3. Combine all the ingredients and let it sit in a room temperature area for 30-40 min. Make sure you don’t have any cold draft coming from a window or similar. Yeast likes it warm. This is where your dough should look like a pretty yellow sun color and my dough still has saffron flakes all over…uh.

St. Lucia Day: Lussekatter!

4. Take out the dough, add some flour to a working surface and start kneading it. Cut it into pieces depending on how large you want your buns to come out. Remember they will double in size from what you make at this stage. St. Lucia Day: Lussekatter!

5. Roll the strings into 8’s and add raisins. These should be yellow by now…St. Lucia Day: Lussekatter!

6. Stir together one egg in a small bowl and brush the buns lightly on top.

7. Cover them with a kitchen towel and let them sit for 30-40 min. The longer they sit, the more the yeast rises. If you use rapid yeast 20-30 might be enough. I usually just go do something else during the wait times. Like clean up my mess! St. Lucia Day: Lussekatter!

8. Preheat the oven to 450 Fahrenheit or 225 Celsius and bake for 5-8 min depending on how big they are.

Don’t judge a book by its cover! Its the inside that counts right? They tasted really good! St. Lucia Day: Lussekatter!Have you ever made some? Is this totally weird? Let me if you liked the post!

Until Next Time, Hadet på Badet!


Norwegian Recipes: Warm Apple Cake!

If you have been following along, you know how excited I am for fall this year. It’s finally getting colder in San Francisco and today I was in the mood for something sweet so I decided to bake! I love anything apple cinnamon flavored and with a touch of vanilla ice cream, Apple Cake is heavenly! I actually like to bake, but I am all for the simpler recipes. I don’t have the patience if you have to fly through hoops and hassles to get the result. After all, I am in it for the baked goods at the end!

I don’t really know where the recipe is originated, but I am very lucky to have a few homemade cookbooks with my moms and both my grandmothers favorite recipes, which is where this one is from :) My grandmother on my dad’s side passed away a few years ago, which totally broke my heart because we were very close. I have so many memories from her cooking up the most delicious meals and dessert throughout the years and I feel incredibly honored to have her recipe booklets!

I figured there is probably a few Norwegian recipe gems that I can share with you, so I started a new series: Norwegian Recipes! Let me know how you like it :)

Ok, moving on to what you came here for: Warm Apple Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

Norwegian Recipes: Warm Apple Cake!


4.5 oz/125 grams of butter

4.5 oz/125 grams of sugar

4.5 oz/125 grams of all purpose flour

1 tsp baking powder

2 eggs

3 apples (I used red gala, but you can choose any kind you want)

2 tbsp brown sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

Preheat the oven to 395 degrees. (200 Celsius)

What to do

1. Stir together all the dry ingredients (except brown sugar and just a dash of cinnamon)

Norwegian Recipes: Warm Apple Cake2. Cut the butter into smaller pieces and stir it in. This is where I could have spent some time cutting out perfectly shaped small cubes of butter, but then I didn’t…

Norwegian Recipe: Warm Apple Cake/Pai3. Add in the eggs and stir it all together.

Norwegian Recipes: Warm Apple Cake!

Norwegian Recipe: Warm Apple Cake4. Add the batter into a 9-10″ (24 cm) round pan. Peel the apples and cut into thin slices. Push the apples into the cake in circles. Wipe over the dough and add another layer of apples for decoration.

Norwegian Recipes: Warm Apple Cake!

Norwegian Recipes: Warm Apple Cake! If you have a dishwasher, you can just butter the pan, but because I don’t, I used parchment paper. Yes, I have gone five years with no dishwasher. Five! If you ever think about moving to a big city, make sure you can go without a dishwasher. They do not exist here… but I digress. The cake is now ready for the preheated oven! And while it’s baking for 25-30 min, you have lot’s of time to do the dishes :)

All done! Hope you like it :)

Norwegian Recipes: Warm Apple Cake!

Until next time, Hadet på Badet!


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