14 Best Moments of 2014!

Right before the new year rolls around, I like to take a look back at the year that has passed. Did I achieve what I wanted to achieve? What were my favorite highs? Any teachable lows? And with that, I try to determine what are some of my hopes, dreams and goals for the upcoming year.

At first when I started to think about 2014, I figured that it wasn’t that big of a year. Everything was just same old, same old. That was until I started to really think through it. I take it back. This was a pretty eventful year! Here are my top 14 moments from 2014. Hope you like it!

1. I had so much fun with my favorite sidekick!14 best of 2014: favorite sidekick2. I ran the color run again and realized how far I have come with my running! 14 best of 2014: Color Run 20143. I Graduated with my Masters of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications!14 best of 2014: I GraduatedStarting this masters program is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has given me so much! An American Graduation Ceremony is very different from what I am used to, but I liked it. Walking across that stage made me think back on the two years I have spent earning my degree and how much it has changed my perspective.

4. My Mom Came to Visit!14 best of 2014: Drive through tree LeggetIn April my mom and Magnar came to visit me for a couple of weeks. We travelled all around Northern California and I had a great time! They have visited me before and we have previously taken the Highway 1 tour down to Southern California so this time around, we wanted to focus north. We went to see the giant Sequoia trees up in Legget and even drove through one!

5. I Got a New Job! 14 best of 2014: new job#Ilovemyjob

6. I went to Norway for 17th of May! 14 best of 2014: 17th of may in Norway17th of May in Norway is like 4th of July in the US. People celebrate with parades, music, food, parties and not to mention the national costumes. This might be totally bonkers to you, but its actually pretty fun!

7. Work Travels!14 best of 2014: MinneapolisI know most people don’t like to travel for work, but I do! Even if I only get an hour to see the city, it’s more than I would otherwise! :)

8. BlogHer 14!14 best of 2014: Blogher 14In July I went to my first blog conference, BlogHer 14. It was a lot of fun and I met some incredible people! It actually inspired me to pick up blogging again and I am so glad I did!

9. I Ran My First Half Marathon!14 best of 2014: San Francisco Half MarathonThe day after I came back from BlogHer, I ran my first half marathon! This was a pretty big deal for me, and I wrote a blogpost about the race here

10. Featured on Huffington Post!14 best of 2014: Featured on Huffington PostAfter reflecting on my half marathon race and writing this blog post, I was super excited to see it featured on Huffington Post!

11. New York!14 best of 2014: Weekend in New YorkIn September I went to New York to meet up with some friends and I had the best time! And I finally got to go to Mood! Read all about it here

12. Chocolate Creme Brûlée14 best of 2014: chocolate creme bruleeThis might seem funny, that a dessert made it to my top 2014 list, but this one was probably the best I have ever tasted!

13. Best Blog Posts of 2014!Norwegian Recipes: Warm Apple Cake!It’s pretty interesting that its one fitness and one dessert post, but the posts I wrote about my half marathon and this one featuring a Norwegian Apple Cake recipe was the most read blogposts on Repolished in 2014

14. Montreal14 best of 2014Ø MontrealMontreal was one of the best trips I have been on! The city is amazing with so much history, great food and felt so peaceful! It was a perfect romantic christmas getaway!

How was your 2014?

Until Next Time, Hadet på Badet!


A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn!

Ever wondered what to do with a weekend in New York? Or what about in Brooklyn? There are tons of amazing things to see, eat and experience in the city that never sleeps! Last week I hopped on a redeye to meet up with a couple of friends for a weekend getaway in New York and here is a quick recap with some tips and ideas if you’re thinking about going. I visited the city for the first time during Christmas with my boyfriend last year and I totally fell in love. I had already seen most of the “have to see” things last year so this time around I wanted to explore more of Brooklyn and just enjoy the city for the weekend. If you have never been to New York I would recommend seeing Top of the Rock, The Metropolitan Museum, Rockefeller Center during Christmas (There is a LOT of people, but it can be magical), a Horse and Carriage ride in Central Park (during winter), 9/11 Memorial, The Highline, Restaurants in the Hells Kitchen area and just walk around all the different Neighborhoods!

Weekend in New York

We stayed at my friends apartment on Upper East side and hit the ground running as soon as I arrived. Whenever I go traveling, I love to just roam around in the streets and really take in the city. I usually have some notion of things I want to do, but leave lots of time to just explore. My friend Lisa and I walked into Central Park and I was amazed at how different it looked in the summer! It was incredibly green and nice to just take in the nature. I went to New York this weekend because Lisa was coming all the way from Norway and didn’t realize until a few days before I arrived that Fashion week would be ending the night before. Who goes to New York the day after Fashion Week ends? Oh yea, that’s me! I love watching all the shows and the street fashion that truly awakes during Fashion Week and wished I could have been there for that, but maybe next time. Maybe this is the nerd in me, but I still wanted to go down to Lincoln Center and check it out so we did!

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- RepolishedSaw this sweet message on a bench in Central Park. Mormor means Grandma in Norwegian and Morfar means Grandpa.

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- RepolishedThe last time I went to New York I didn’t get to see the 9/11 memorial so that was definitely on my list of things I wanted to see this weekend. I had seen pictures of it and knew how it looked like, but going down there to see it was completely different! I don’t know if it was because it was the day after 9/11, but it really made an impact on me. I knew that the edges had the names of all the people who lost their lives that day engraved and just seeing how big the memorial was, really put the number of people into perspective. There was a sign saying that family members usually put down flowers into their loved ones name on their birthday and on 9/11 and the place was filled with them! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- RepolishedThe next morning we headed down to the garment district to visit Mood! On our way down there we accidentally walked right into the annual 5th avenue 5 mile race and got to see the first finisher cross the finish line! Looked like a lot of fun and who knows, maybe next year I’ll run that one.  Anyways, I have been watching Project Runway ever since it started and especially after I started to sew myself, I have always wanted to go to Mood! The selection they have there is amazing! Even though I couldn’t really bring that much fabric with me back in my carry-on, I just wanted to touch the textures and get a feel of some of the fabric I wanted to order online. And of course, I bought some! I found this beautiful dark red/pink wool fabric that I think I want to either make into a skirt or a moto vest so stay tuned!

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- RepolishedLater that day we headed over to Brooklyn and explored the Saturday Flea Market, and Brooklyn Night Bazar! I must say, I was really impressed with Brooklyn. It reminded me a lot of Greenwich in Manhattan. That’s where the actual steps of Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment is (66 Perry street).  I loved that it was only 10 minutes from Manhattan and still feels like New York, but not as busy and crazy. It actually started raining pretty bad at the Flea market and as we were walking back to the subway station this almost 7 feet tall police office stopped me and this is basically how our conversation went down:

Police Officer: Hey Miss, are you in a hurry?

Me: No, not really..

Police Officer: Can I use your umbrella for a minute? (with a smirk on his face if you ask me!)

Me: Ehm, No..

Police Office: No? You don’t say no to a police officer!

Me: Well, what are you going to do with it?

Police Office: I am just getting a burrito from the taco truck right there and I didn’t want to get wet….

Me: Oh, embarrassed and laughing out loud I obviously gave him my umbrella! Can’t hold up a burrito run!!

His Co-Workers: What a crybaby! Can’t even handle the rain! At least get the girl a taco! lol! A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- RepolishedThe Brooklyn Night Bazar is basically like a start up party where you have a huge space where different artists and small businesses can display and sell their products as well as including a bar, different food vendors and live music! It’s really fun and a great way to see whats out there and find niche products. The last time I went to one in SF, I bought a Carrotcake Jam for example. I would probably never had purchased that at the store if I wasn’t introduced to it there. This time around I found some really nice earrings and a bomb cookie!

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- RepolishedIt’s not a chocolate chip cookie, it’s a chocolate cookie chip! It has a sea salt sprinkled chocolate base with chunks of cookie and cookie dough. Amazing!!!

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- RepolishedMy catch at the Flea and Night Bazar!

On Sunday I only had a few hours before my flight and we ended up walking the Brooklyn Bridge and roaming the streets of New York back up to the Upper East Side. I don’t know why we ended up spending so much time in Brooklyn, but I am glad we did because I loved it! I don’t think you can ever see everything in New York and that’s why I love that city so much! There is always something new and different to experience or see. I am sure I’ll be back again soon!

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

A Weekend in New York and Brooklyn- Repolished

Until next time, Hadet på badet!


Summer Work Vacation in Norway!


So I know the San Francisco guide is well overdue, and it is coming, but later this summer:) Currently I am in Norway working over the summer. My hometown, Bergen is a beautiful place during summer, but the weather is usually not that great! Its very predictable, usually rains:)

When I arrived at home,  the weather was like this and I was thinking, 6 weeks, what have I done?


Rainy june day

Lucky for me, things changed:) I have been working full time now for 4 weeks and I have 2 more weeks to go before I am back in SF. I go home to Norway over the summer to work because I am not allowed to work next to School in the US and lets be honest, the paycheck is a little higher up here:) I am working as an Insurance advisor and its great! I have done it before and the work environment is really good:)


I have enjoyed the Norwegian summer and actually think its strange with sunlight at 11 PM now! Its so weird to be out that late and the sun is out, just like in the afternoon.


Went for a hike in the sun at 11 pm!

I went to Oslo (the capitol city) a few weekends ago to meet up with the Norwegian students that I went to Berkley with, which was fun. I had a great summer weekend with park life, relaxing time, sun, reunion, great dinners with friends and family!


 I am back in Bergen and I am enjoying the last few days here:) Going up to Geilo in the mountains this weekend with the entire family and I am super excited.


Downtown park in Bergen, on my way to work:)

Memorial day weekend in Sacramento

Last weekend it was Memorial day on the monday, which is a holiday here in the US. A few friends and I, wanted to get in a quick getaway from sunday to monday and looked at the weather forecast where it would be the warmest and we ended up in Sacramento! People living in SF usually say Sacramento is boring and that there is nothing to do, but I disagree. However you are dependent on great weather in order to enjoy it to the max:)

We rented a car from SF and drove up sunday morning. The weather was perfect around 25/78 degrees and we went straight into Old Sacramento for Lunch. Coincidentally there was a Jazz Music festival up there that weekend and that just made it extra nice! Old Sacramento kind of looks like the wild west because it is very inspired by the Gold Rush era. We found a perfect restaurant with outside seating right by the river and the trains.

We had booked a hotel with an outside pool and were lucky enough to enjoy it all afternoon. That night we barbequed at the hotel and it gave me a real summer vacation feeling:)

The next day we walked around downtown Sacramento and saw the capitol building. After an amazing lunch at Firestone Public we headed back south to SF with a 5-6 hour stop at the outlet in Vacaville! It was crazy conditions at the outlet! They always have a sale whenever there is a holiday, and there were so many people! We arrived later in the day and I think we got lucky because we found a parking spot right away and after an hour or so there were no more lines for the fitting rooms:)

All in all a great trip!;)