Iphone 5, to buy or not to buy?


Iphone 5

IPhone 5

So today is the day. The day the new Iphone 5 came out. I have had my Iphone 4 for 2 years now, and yes I will admit that I bought it the first available day in Norway. With a few scratches here and there it is still going strong except that my needs have surpassed the speed of the phone. I kind of have had mixed feelings about this day and its release. Last year when everyone thought the Iphone 5 was on its way and was let down tremendously, I was much more excited in advance than this time. My boyfriend calls me an “Apple drone” for having not only an Iphone, but also an Ipad and a Macbook air, not sure if thats true though? Oh, and by the way my boyfriend also owns both an Iphone and an Ipad so in any case I  am not the only “drone”.  I must say though, I have been kind of disappointed with apple the last two years. Their feature has always been design and uniqueness, and now it feels a lot more like “same old, same old”. I can still remember the time when I decided to buy my first macbook. It was not because of the not so amazing 512 MB of RAM, or the steep prize, but for that all white sleek and cool design. We all know that other products have better specs for a cheaper prize, but for some reason we “drone” towards apple products. If this Iphone came out last year I might have ran for the stores, but now I am not so sure. I admit it has some cool features, but isn’t a release from apple supposed to be revolutionary? I guess time will show if Apple manages to convince me with their highly effective emotional marketing, most likely when I see someone walking around with it, in white…..:)