Month: October 2014

Fashion Fall Favorites!

Every time the seasons change I love seeing all the new collections popping up in stores, the excitement of fashion week, and new colors! I usually prefer warmer weather, but this year I am so ready for fall! I don’t know why, but its something about the leaves falling, the idea of hot chocolate in a cozy chair while its raining outside (total movie scene though, because I almost never actually do this!) and then of course layers. I love layers! I am one of those hot, cold, hot, cold people, so layering is perfect.

I am getting really inspired by all the amazing colors for fall this season and I want every single item in that Sangria/Burgundy color! In fact, I might have an obsession.

Oh, and  I am in no way a fashion expert, nor am I claiming to be, but I wanted to share some of the fall pieces that I got recently and some stuff that’s still on my wish list. I have heard a lot about the capsule wardrobe lately, where you only have about 30-40 items in your closet each season (including shoes!?!). I don’t think that’s anything I am going to aspire for anytime soon, but I do like to change out my season staples. I have so many non-basic pieces that I love and wear once in a while, and then I have my go to staples for everyday wear. After looking through my wardrobe and tons of browsing online, I decided on 10 key basics I needed to add in for fall. And then as I was browsing, I added in some much needed accessories and of course a million pairs of booties because who doesn’t need that? ;)

What is your go to pieces for fall?

Fashion fall favorites: 10 basics, colors, accessories and booties for fall! | repolished.com10 Basics

1. Edgy Army Jacket from Olive and Oak (Stitch Fix), 2. Moto Jacket/Sweater from Sanctuary (Stitch Fix), 3. Burgundy Jacket from Market and Spruce (Stitch Fix), 4. Quilted Vest from Ralph Lauren (Similar from J.Crew here),  5. Grey Quilted Sweatshirt from Lot 78, 6. Open Back Sweater from RD Style (Stitch Fix), 7. Slim Boyfriend Jeans from Mavi (Stitch Fix), 8. Dark Denim/Black Jeans from Paige, 9. Sweatshirt pencil skirt from Zara (Similar here), 10. Full Midi Skirt from H&M.


1. Black hat from H&M (Somewhat similar here), 2. Leather Gloves from H&M, 3. Beanie from H&M, 4. Beanie from Aldo, 5. Scarf from Look by M (Similar here)


1. Booties from Nordstrom Sam EdelmanKenneth ColeElliot Lucca, Earth, and Sofft


Until next time, Hadet på badet!