Month: July 2013

Summer Work Vacation in Norway!


So I know the San Francisco guide is well overdue, and it is coming, but later this summer:) Currently I am in Norway working over the summer. My hometown, Bergen is a beautiful place during summer, but the weather is usually not that great! Its very predictable, usually rains:)

When I arrived at home,  the weather was like this and I was thinking, 6 weeks, what have I done?


Rainy june day

Lucky for me, things changed:) I have been working full time now for 4 weeks and I have 2 more weeks to go before I am back in SF. I go home to Norway over the summer to work because I am not allowed to work next to School in the US and lets be honest, the paycheck is a little higher up here:) I am working as an Insurance advisor and its great! I have done it before and the work environment is really good:)


I have enjoyed the Norwegian summer and actually think its strange with sunlight at 11 PM now! Its so weird to be out that late and the sun is out, just like in the afternoon.


Went for a hike in the sun at 11 pm!

I went to Oslo (the capitol city) a few weekends ago to meet up with the Norwegian students that I went to Berkley with, which was fun. I had a great summer weekend with park life, relaxing time, sun, reunion, great dinners with friends and family!


 I am back in Bergen and I am enjoying the last few days here:) Going up to Geilo in the mountains this weekend with the entire family and I am super excited.


Downtown park in Bergen, on my way to work:)