Month: June 2013

Memorial day weekend in Sacramento

Last weekend it was Memorial day on the monday, which is a holiday here in the US. A few friends and I, wanted to get in a quick getaway from sunday to monday and looked at the weather forecast where it would be the warmest and we ended up in Sacramento! People living in SF usually say Sacramento is boring and that there is nothing to do, but I disagree. However you are dependent on great weather in order to enjoy it to the max:)

We rented a car from SF and drove up sunday morning. The weather was perfect around 25/78 degrees and we went straight into Old Sacramento for Lunch. Coincidentally there was a Jazz Music festival up there that weekend and that just made it extra nice! Old Sacramento kind of looks like the wild west because it is very inspired by the Gold Rush era. We found a perfect restaurant with outside seating right by the river and the trains.

We had booked a hotel with an outside pool and were lucky enough to enjoy it all afternoon. That night we barbequed at the hotel and it gave me a real summer vacation feeling:)

The next day we walked around downtown Sacramento and saw the capitol building. After an amazing lunch at Firestone Public we headed back south to SF with a 5-6 hour stop at the outlet in Vacaville! It was crazy conditions at the outlet! They always have a sale whenever there is a holiday, and there were so many people! We arrived later in the day and I think we got lucky because we found a parking spot right away and after an hour or so there were no more lines for the fitting rooms:)

All in all a great trip!;)