Month: May 2013

Class of 2013: Graduation

I am not graduating until next year, but because I was part of Student Government, I was a volunteer helper at this years graduation. The ceremony was held at Craneway Pavilion in Richmond this year, because the regular place in Nob Hill is under construction. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first because it´s so far, but it turned out to be a really nice place with an amazing view of the city.

With around 3000 family and friends and 500-600 students, there was more than enough to do!:)  I was in charge of keeping parents off stage when they really, really wanted to climb up for a picture of their student. We had yellow tape on the floor and I held out my arms with a glow stick in each hand, and for some reason someone still though they could cross the line? I almost felt like I was a bodyguard at a Justin Bieber concert and not at a commencement:)

The ceremony went pretty smoothly and it turned out to be a great day! Julia held a really good student speech, as she was the president of Student Government. Usually these speeches are very general and not really inspiring, but she really nailed it with a personal touch!

It was great too be able to see my friends graduate, but I also realized that almost all of my friends graduated and will no longer be in school:( so I guess I need to make some new ones when I go back for fall:) I am really excited for next year, when I’ll be up there with my cap&gown and hopefully my honors bands:)


Julia’s student speech


Class of 2013 has graduated!


Julia and Johanna, Honors and all!:)


Class of 2013!


Julia and Professor Michal


Julia and Rana, Honors and all!:)


Julia and Navret, Honors and all:)


A preview of next year? Class of 2014:)