Month: November 2012

How To Reupholster Easily, A Step-By-Step Guide

We have had this chair for a long time and even though my boyfriend have tried to throw it away multiple times  I always wanted to keep it and change the fabric. The framework is beautiful but let´s be honest the old fabric wasn’t too pretty. After moving it to our new place and having it stand here for 3 months untouched, I figured it was time to get it done. So here is my step-by-step guide.

Here is the “beauty” before I started my work. Pretty huh? If you dont look at that dated “Hansel and Gretel” inspired, faded fabric. Otherwise the chair is actually in good shape, which is great because then I dont have to do any reconstruction.

So How to reupholster a chair? Here is what I did step-by-step

1. I started off by ripping off the existing fabric. Or I actually started with the lining all around, which came off pretty easily, and then moved on to the fabric. You are supposed to do this very carefully so you can use the ripped off piece as a patten later on. Of course I read this when I was already halfway done, but it didn’t go to crazy so I kind of had it in one piece when I was done.

The lining came off pretty easily since it was glued on probably 20-30 years ago!

2. On the picture above you can see the staples that the fabric is attached with. I actually used a screwdriver with a sharp tip (Ikea starter set) to unhook the staples, as I am not a reupholster professional and more of a DIY kind of girl. As I unhooked the staple, I pulled them out with a plier. I know there are tools purposed for reupholstering, but since this was my first try, I stuck to my tools.

You can see the chair looks a little “scuffed up” because of the removal of the staples, but dont worry as long as it is underneath where the fabric goes.

3. After I finished removing all the fabric and trimming I cut up similar pieces in my new fabric with some extra lingering around the edges.

This is the new fabric I chose to put on my chair! Or a close up view so you can see the details. Nice huh?

4. I used my staple gun to attach the fabric. The most important thing here is to stay within the lines of where the old fabric was attached and keep the fabric as tight as you can! If it´s your first time, dont use striped fabric. That was the advice I got, and now I understand why. The staples should be pretty close together to keep the fabric tight and to not get “wrinkles”.

5. After I attached all the fabric, I trimmed the edges with a scissor as close as possible to the stables.

6. I got my glue gun ready and started applying the trim over the edges of the fabric to cover them and the staples all around the edges.

7. After I was done I went over the edges and made sure everything was covered up and that the trim was glued tight.

8. The result? Not to bad for a first timer:) Here it is! What do you think?