Month: August 2012

Norway in a nutshell

Bryggen in my hometown Bergen

I am back in beautiful San Francisco after 3 weeks of vacation in Norway! Or maybe I should say not as much vacationing as I was mostly working and catching up with friends and family! Here are some pictures from Bergen, the fjords and everything in between.

After 3 exams and 2 presentations in 3 days, I made it back just in time to see my cousin getting married to his beautiful wife. KLM on the other hand failed to get my bags along with me so I had to do some last minute dress shopping on saturday morning! Now I can add “able to buy a dress for a wedding in under 20 minutes” to my skill set:)

I spent the two first weeks working at my old job at Gjensidige Insurance and it was fun seing all my co-workers again. I have been away for about four months, but its amazing how only a few taps at the keyboard and everything is back to normal:) Thanks for a good time guys!:)

My mom, my brother and I went for a road trip almost across the country. Norway is truly amazing in August with everything from sunshine at 10.30 PM! to rain storms with rain coming back up from the ground!:)

And to all my friends and family: It was lovely seing you all again, and now its time to buy your San Francisco Airfare!:)

Norwegian nature

Hiking in the king and queens “garden”

Bergen rain and shine


Roadtrip across Norway



Living in San FranciscoWelcome to my new blog! I have finally made the move:) I am a Norwegian girl living in San Francisco where I am currently taking my Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications at Golden Gate University. I will be writing about my views on current marketing news and also my everyday life as a student here in San Francisco and I hope you will enjoy!