Gluten Free and Sugar Free Snack: Bacon Wrapped Dates!

Are you doing any new years resolutions? I am doing a no sugar January and let me just tell you, it’s been pretty hard! Especially over the weekends. This past weekend I was going to a Birthday Potluck at the beach and I needed to bring a snack that was gluten and sugar free so I made bacon wrapped dates! Have you ever had some? It’s actually a Spanish tapas snack and they are the best sweet and salty combo! It’s super easy to make and always a hit with the crowd. Here is how you make them!

Gluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped Dates

What you need for about 30 pieces:

  • 1 pack of dates (I get mine at Trader Joe’s and they have about 30 pieces in there)
  • 2 packs of bacon
  • Cutting board with parchment paper
  • Small knife
  • Toothpicks (No flavor)

Gluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped DatesGluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped Dates

1. Start by pitting the dates. Use a knife to cut halfway through the dateGluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped Dates

2. Open it upGluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped Dates

3. Peel out the stone from the date and close it back upGluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped Dates

Gluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped Dates

Gluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped Dates

4. Take the bacon out of the pack and lay it down on the cutting boardGluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped Dates

5. Take either a scissor or a knife and cut them in half while the slices are still togetherGluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped Dates

Gluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped Dates

6. Take one date and one half of a bacon slice and roll it up like displayed in the picturesGluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped Dates

Gluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped DatesGluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped DatesGluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped DatesGluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped Dates7. Place the bacon wrapped date on a cooking sheet with parchment paper. Make sure you place it with the end facing down. This will prevent the date from falling apart while cookingGluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped Dates

Gluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped Dates8. Cook at 400 fahrenheit/200 celsius for about 20 minutes until the bacon is cooked

Gluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped Dates

9. Once it’s done, stick a toothpick in each one for easy (non-greasy) eating. Enjoy! :) Gluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped Dates

Gluten Free Sugar Free dessert:Bacon Wrapped DatesHope you’ll like it!

Until Next Time, Hadet på Badet!



Feature Wall Inspiration with Minted!

Minted review by repolished.comOver the last few weeks months I have been trying to remodel my kitchen as much as you possibly can do while renting, which basically means new furniture and decorations. I’ll do a full update once it’s done, but so far I have most of the new furniture down and the “only” thing missing is decorations. We have a wall over the kitchen table thats just a big white canvas. Not really being able to decide what to do with it, I think a feature wall full of frames is just what it needs.

Have you ever heard of Minted? I have been seeing so much cute stuff from them and I knew they did stationary, holiday cards and all that fun stuff, but I had no idea they had a marketplace full of art?! There are so many great designs and its all created by users through their design challenge! Pretty cool if you ask me. So if you have a hidden design talent, you should submit your designs and if your work wins, they’ll sell it! Check out the design challenge here.

Anyways, I knew this was just the place to find some cool designs to put up on my kitchen wall and add some pops of color. I actually ended up perusing the site for a couple of hours looking through endless options of cute designs and finally narrowed it down to these 10 favorites! I’d love to hear what you think?

Minted Review by

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 9.34.27 PM

Minted Review by

Minted Review by

Minted Review by

Minted review by

Minted review by

Minted review by

Minted review by

Minted review by repolished.comWhat do you think? I think I have room for about half of them on my kitchen wall. Which ones should I choose?

Until Next Time, Hadet på Badet!

* This post is sponsored by Minted, but all opinions are my own. I only share products or brands that I have tested and approve of. Thank you!

14 Best Moments of 2014!

Right before the new year rolls around, I like to take a look back at the year that has passed. Did I achieve what I wanted to achieve? What were my favorite highs? Any teachable lows? And with that, I try to determine what are some of my hopes, dreams and goals for the upcoming year.

At first when I started to think about 2014, I figured that it wasn’t that big of a year. Everything was just same old, same old. That was until I started to really think through it. I take it back. This was a pretty eventful year! Here are my top 14 moments from 2014. Hope you like it!

1. I had so much fun with my favorite sidekick!14 best of 2014: favorite sidekick2. I ran the color run again and realized how far I have come with my running! 14 best of 2014: Color Run 20143. I Graduated with my Masters of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications!14 best of 2014: I GraduatedStarting this masters program is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has given me so much! An American Graduation Ceremony is very different from what I am used to, but I liked it. Walking across that stage made me think back on the two years I have spent earning my degree and how much it has changed my perspective.

4. My Mom Came to Visit!14 best of 2014: Drive through tree LeggetIn April my mom and Magnar came to visit me for a couple of weeks. We travelled all around Northern California and I had a great time! They have visited me before and we have previously taken the Highway 1 tour down to Southern California so this time around, we wanted to focus north. We went to see the giant Sequoia trees up in Legget and even drove through one!

5. I Got a New Job! 14 best of 2014: new job#Ilovemyjob

6. I went to Norway for 17th of May! 14 best of 2014: 17th of may in Norway17th of May in Norway is like 4th of July in the US. People celebrate with parades, music, food, parties and not to mention the national costumes. This might be totally bonkers to you, but its actually pretty fun!

7. Work Travels!14 best of 2014: MinneapolisI know most people don’t like to travel for work, but I do! Even if I only get an hour to see the city, it’s more than I would otherwise! :)

8. BlogHer 14!14 best of 2014: Blogher 14In July I went to my first blog conference, BlogHer 14. It was a lot of fun and I met some incredible people! It actually inspired me to pick up blogging again and I am so glad I did!

9. I Ran My First Half Marathon!14 best of 2014: San Francisco Half MarathonThe day after I came back from BlogHer, I ran my first half marathon! This was a pretty big deal for me, and I wrote a blogpost about the race here

10. Featured on Huffington Post!14 best of 2014: Featured on Huffington PostAfter reflecting on my half marathon race and writing this blog post, I was super excited to see it featured on Huffington Post!

11. New York!14 best of 2014: Weekend in New YorkIn September I went to New York to meet up with some friends and I had the best time! And I finally got to go to Mood! Read all about it here

12. Chocolate Creme Brûlée14 best of 2014: chocolate creme bruleeThis might seem funny, that a dessert made it to my top 2014 list, but this one was probably the best I have ever tasted!

13. Best Blog Posts of 2014!Norwegian Recipes: Warm Apple Cake!It’s pretty interesting that its one fitness and one dessert post, but the posts I wrote about my half marathon and this one featuring a Norwegian Apple Cake recipe was the most read blogposts on Repolished in 2014

14. Montreal14 best of 2014Ø MontrealMontreal was one of the best trips I have been on! The city is amazing with so much history, great food and felt so peaceful! It was a perfect romantic christmas getaway!

How was your 2014?

Until Next Time, Hadet på Badet!

Daily Look New Year’s Eve Style Challenge!

I am back with another style post and I hope you’ll like it! New years eve is coming up quick and every year I go through the same few questions, where am I going, what are we doing, and most important, what am I going to wear?!

This year I got a head start on what to wear because last week someone from reached out to me and asked me to participate in their New Year’s Eve Style Challenge! I was asked to find my favorite little black dress from and use that as my inspiration for a New Years Eve look! They have a ton of LBD’s and I quickly found a few favorites! Daily Look New Years Eve Style ChallengeYou can browse through them all at

I eventually decided to go for the Dakota Dalrie Vegan Leather Dress! So in other words, my LBD is actually a Little black vegan leather dress. I love anything sparkling for New Years Eve, but this past year I have been connecting more with my edgy side when it comes to styling. And by that I mean in the sense that I now wear vegan leather and the occasional distressed denim! I love how this dress is so simple, yet sophisticated, edgy and it can be styled in so many ways. I could wear it like this for new years, and then wear it with a long gray cozy cardigan, cool tights, booties and a cute scarf for work.

daily look new years eve challenge by

What do you think? I wanted to do New Years Eve a little different that than just the regular dress and heels this year so I decided to pair it with sequin oxfords from Kate Spade. Because who doesn’t like sequins? And oxfords are always a good idea! I added some subtle pops of color with the green jacket from and my favorite tear drop bracelets from Margaret Elizabeth. I am getting really into statement earrings these days and loved these from! They also have that little edge to them. Who knows, maybe by next year I’ll be a rocking biker babe? Probably not, but I digress. With a simple dress and it being New Years and all, I figured I could really amp up the makeup!

Do you have a style idea in mind for New Years Eve yet? How would you style the little black dress?

Until Next Time, Hadet på Badet!